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A special thanks to all of our coaches, Board Members, and volunteers  as they give lots of time to make our team awesome!  Without their dedication and willingness to lead, we would not have a team!  

Beaumont Youth Cycling

 Booster Club

President:  Matt Seagrave

Vice President:  Dena Azzolin

Secretary:  Chelsey Dawson

Treasurer: Raul Cantero

Beaumont Mountain Bike Coaches

Team Director:

Dave Azzolin

Head Coaches:

Maren & Dan Ampie

Assistant Coaches:

Jeremy Rager

Tim Dawson

Buddy Hamilton

Gregory Adame

Riley Sutton

John Craig

Dale Denver

Matt Medore

Raul Cantero

Desrah Schroeder

Daniel Schroeder

Marissa Pietronico

Carl Coles

Dave Azzolin

Dena Azzolin

BHS Club Advisor

   BHS Club Leader:

 Jeremy Rager

Faculty Coordinator:

Elda Strawter


We're always looking for additional coaches and volunteers to assist to help our teams. If you like riding or helping the youth in our community, please contact us for more information!

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